Timestamp in MCX

I understand that the timestamp field in the tick data being received over web sockets is the time when the tick was generated by the exchange.

For MCX instruments, I am observing the timestamp to be some other timezone. e.g at 1:05 PM IST, the timestamp being reported is 7:05 PM.

Can you pls elaborate what timezone MCX exchange instrument's timestamp would come in as.
  • ymograi
    ymograi edited June 2018
    I am also facing the same issue.
    Only the timestamp field is shifted by 5 hours 30 minutes. Last trade price and historical data are showing the time as per our timezone.
  • Imran
    use timedelta to solve the problem..
  • shortwire
    We know how to solve the problem. Question is not that. Question is why the time should be like this.
  • nikhilbansal
    I guess the time zones are not correctly implemented on their servers. If you see India is +5:30 from time zone and that is the reason time is having that much different. I guess someone has to raise this concern with MCX or zerodha and they should be able to correct this issue.

    Nikhil Bansal
    specialized in Auto Trading API's
  • xm1160
    Facing the same issue.

    This issue wasn't there until a couple of weeks ago. Zerodha seems to be missing a QA team. Lots of bugs pass through with newer builds.
  • shortwire
    @sujith , pls do come back on this.
  • sujith
    We are looking into this.
  • ashish_Innovantes
    ashish_Innovantes edited July 2018
    hi, am facing the same issue
    my server time is '7/20/2018 2:51:07 AM' but not the IST and what timestamp am getting in response from the ticker is "7/21/2018 3:51:07 AM" which is not even possible, please suggest what to do?
    As am not being able to convert the timestamp because if I try to then ticker gets stopped automatically.
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