unable to get Access Token.

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Hi team,
i am unable to get the accessToken.
First step of login process is done,after redirecting to our URL,i am giving another POST request with api_key,secret Token and HMAC key of api_key,request token and secret Token .
i am getting the below response .
"status": "error"
"message": "Invalid session credentials"
"error_type": "TokenException"
could you people please check and guide me,

  • k365
    same problem is what i am getting, even after paid service. there is no person to help. we have to depend on forum or an expert to answer. totally wastage of time and money. When Zerodha can offer such a good service to developers, then why can't they provide support over phone or some technical person to paid users ???
  • Vivek
    @jessy @k365 Apologies since this question got unnoticed amidst other questions. It seems like you are either sending wrong request token or the HMAC is wrong. Can you confirm whether you are sending checksum in right format which is SHA-256 hex of api_key + request_token + api_secret ? Also it's possible that request token is invalid, please check your login flow again.
  • k365
    see this is what i am doing..
    Step 1
    i first passed api key in this link in chrome browser..for testing

    Step 2
    then it redirected to login page where i entered login id and password manually, then secret answer

    Step 3
    after this it redirects to url
    with a request token

    Step 4
    after this i use the below link

    above i put api key in xxx, then request token as obtained above in yyy and in zzz i concatenated the values of (api_key + request_token + api_secret) then converted it to SHA-256 using online converter, then passed in zzz link above
    i also tried another way by converting each api key, request token and api secret into sha256 seperately then concatened to pass in zzz

    i tried both ways but returned error
    {"status": "error", "message": "Route not found", "error_type": "GeneralException"}

    i am going to use this in visual basic 6 program, so was testing it through url in chrome, i reached till request token but still struggling for access_token

    so plz plz tell me where i am doing wrong ? and what should be the steps.. i found many people are getting this problem.. so request you to reply with detailed steps.

    if possible kindly provide code for vb or vb.net or c# like you have provided for php and javascript.

  • Vivek
    Vivek edited August 2016
    @k365 You are doing wrong in step 4 where it should be a POST request but you are sending a GET request. Also don't create checksum of individual field and concatenate you should concatenate api_key + request_token + api_secret and then hex of SHA256 checksum.

    For example lets say your
    request_token = sugpupli5c3sfl48185ihazgcmy0vun8
    api_key = abc123
    api_secret = xyz123

    you should do SHA256 checksum of abc123sugpupli5c3sfl48185ihazgcmy0vun8xyz123 which is 7f9556e8f5acb7d74d5267b48da0e0c042dde3cdf716a06123d71f3ef3897a43.
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