NinjaTrader 7/8


I am not a technical person but wish to know the simple.
I Could not understand the same from the discussion forum.

1.I wish to use NinjaTrader7/8 for charting purpose.
2.For the same i wish to use the kite charts.
3.I need kite live data and also should be able to see charts timeframe from one minute to the available month chart in kite.
4.I will be using this for analysing the market and placing the order.
5.Is it possible?
6.What is the cost?
Pl inform.

  • Chintamani
    Sorry forgot to mention.
    Whatever chart is available in kite should be available in NinjaTrader 7/8 for me.
    Pl inform.
  • rakeshr
    You don't need kiteconnect APIs for your requirement.You can see here, how to form/use chart in NinjaTrader.
    Kite app/web platform shows tick chart, which you can access by login to kite and place order accordingly from chart.
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