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raula_kite127 edited July 2018 in Java client

In an automated trading, i.e buy/sell automatically so how that will perform using this API.

I wanted to buy/sell when it matches RSI, PSAR, ADX as per my condition.

Please let us know how it will perform and if available provide a sandbox implementation example for this.

  • rakeshr
    We don't provide, assistance regarding coding your strategy(eg.matches RSI, PSAR, etc).
    You need to go through API documentation and do it yourself.
    Currently, we don't have sandbox environment for kiteConnect APIs.
  • raula_kite127
    Thanks rakesh,

    Is it possible with your API that buys/sell when it matches RSI, PSAR, ADX as per my condition?

    Because from last 2 weeks i am undestanding the documentation but i didn't find any concept on this.
  • raula_kite127
    As per my requirement, I just need to show Niffty 50 candle chart and if the RSI, PSAR, ADX matches then auto trading has to perform.

    Let me know it is possible or not.
  • rakeshr
    Yes, orders can be fired, when condition is meet,you need to code this condition at your end, using any of supported programming language.
    Have a look at this video, to get the flow idea.
  • raula_kite127
    I gone through the video but i need to which are the parameters in response json which will helps to set the condition on to meet so that i can make a order.
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