Feature request: ability to append context in login-url and retrieve in redirect_url

_pr edited July 2018 in General
I have a use-case when I want to force re-login (receive new request-token) for some of the actions. But I don't find a way to come back to the previous context, as I was in the middle of something (and that action forced me to re-login) and want to continue.
If with login url: https://kite.trade/connect/login?v=3&api_key=xxx you can accept an arbitrary query parameter and return the same query parameter appended with static redirect-url. This way user can be returned back to the context.
Ex: The app will redirect user to https://kite.trade/connect/login?v=3&api_key=xxx&context=mycontext for login
The successful login will redirect user to the redirect-url, let's say, https://mywebsite.com/kite-redirect/?request_token=xxxxxxxx&action=login&status=success&context=mycontext
Now kite-redirect module can process the redirect-url and handle the context.
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