Multiple error (OMS connection error + Gateway timeout)

I have faced lot of errors today on OMS Connection (2 times) and gateway timed out several times while fetching kite.orders() calls.

kiteconnect.exceptions.ClientNetworkException: Gateway timed out

Question: is this something specific to today? or is there a limitation of number of orders kite.Orders can fetch?

In addition to that: I am getting a little bit impatient on the platform reliability. Off course - hat's off and kudos to you for initiating a never thought before implementation - however, I would still mention that this type of issues are not acceptable for paid customer.

Had this platform was still in 'free' or 'beta' status - I would simply accept the limitation and flag the issue. But back in the mind when I think of paying 2K per month it simply boils down to how much reliability I am getting out of it.

Again - I appreciate the fabulous effort and support for the whole tech team, but I think it's time to rejig the infrastructure (move to aws maybe)?
  • sabyasm
    @Zerodha team/ @Kailash

    Even after 30 mins of the post above, I am getting timeout error whenever I am calling kite.orders()
    A strange behavior that today I have placed a lot of small orders a total of 69 and do you think it is failing just because of the #of orders are too many? Could you please try to reproduce this?

    Note: there is no network latency as I am running my code from a dedicated AWS instance.
  • sabyasm
    Getting Gateway timeout error today. Is this due to 7 second timeout configuration I saw somewhere in python client? Can this be increased? I am making a call for kite.orders() for about 200 orders.
  • Vivek
    @sabyasm Issue is not with our python client and even if you increase the timeout it won't help. We are trying to address the issue by working with our OMS vendor.
  • soumyadeep
    soumyadeep edited August 2016
    Hi @sabyasm I also faced it today. The same problem. Well I am sending many requests to get the order statuses of my trades in quick succession. Can you please let us know if you were able to solve the problem. The whole community would be informed and not repeat the same mistakes, if any. Thanks
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