Since whole day no any order posted on PostBack url

Since whole day no any order posted on PostBack url. Till friday everything was working good.
Did kite developer uploaded anything? is this without tested ?
Is Zerodha api reliable to programmable trading ?
Please respond.

  • quadcodes
    They changed structure of Postback JSON object hence your app is unable to parse Postback JSON. I'm facing the same issue. There is no update from zerodha api team yet. For now, I'm relying on Websocket (ticker) on "order_update" event for order callbacks.
  • sujith
    Postback response has changed, but we haven't removed any fields. Adding a new field shouldn't break any client.
  • sahuvijay
    This is second day, still no any response received on Postback url.
    Is anyone from zerodha looking my messages. How to contact Zerodha team? Don't think this is serious problem?
  • sahuvijay
    Sujith had you test what you mentioned on post? I can send full details if you want.
  • sujith
    As mentioned above adding a new parameter in the postback shouldn't break the client.
  • sahuvijay
    In page load I have log " Hello" which is not getting url not getting called. Please help.
  • Oliver
    Same issue faced, but not resolved, i dont see anything on post back url, i have even checked the access log but do not see any hit coming for that URL.

    Something wrong and Support team responds by saying post the issue here to get a response.
  • sujith
    You need a valid https URL for getting postbacks and the certificate must be provided by the proper issuing authority. Self-signed certificates won't work.
  • sahuvijay
    Was this changed recently?
  • Oliver
    @sujith exactly my question when and why was this changed, cause this worked before so what changed now? besides on the "" where the URL post back and login is setup, it does not mention domain names need, it just says it has to be https, so i have a self signed certificate.

    On another note, login post back works with https (un certified)

    @sujith does your system block the post back if it encountered server error 500 when posting data to this post back url?

    Thanks for replying
  • sujith
    sujith edited August 2018
    For a successful login Kite Trade just redirects to the specified URL whereas for postbacks Kite Trade will make a real POST request to the specified endpoint. According to Zerodha's security policy, it is mandatory that whatever external machine we interact with has to be secure with a genuine SSL certificate.
    The certificate authorities won't provide SSL certificate for an IP address, you need a valid domain name to get SSL certificate.
  • Oliver
    Understood @sujith so just wondering when did it come into effect and why it is not mentioned on the setup page where this post back is entered.
  • Oliver
    Hey @sujith a CA certificate is added with the domain name, i have updated the setup to reflect the domain name with https, however on login zerodha still forwards to the older IP, how long does it take for all systems to be updated?
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