Earliest right time to fetch ohlc data just after pre-market session

I realized that OHLC API doesn't give the right prices (matching with NSE website prices) when we make request calls just after pre-market session like 9:15:01am or even till 9:20am (till 9:20am I have validated). Ideally, proper OHLC should be available after 9:12am because order matching has happened and equilibrium price/open price has been decided before 9:12am.

Let me know if my understanding is wrong.

My basic question is what should I do to get correct OHLC data at 9:15:00 am.?
  • _pr
    Any updates on this?
  • rakeshr
    Yes, you should be able to receive correct OHLC at 9:15:01, once the normal trade starts.
    Trade from 9:08:00 to 9:15:00 is pre-market trading.
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