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babansfolio edited August 2018 in Python client

Is there any change Redirect URL policies ?
Is it mandatory to use 'https" redirect URL?

Because Today when I changed my redirect URL address, it's not accepting with the following message
Not a valid https URl
  • sujith
    Are you getting this error while changing the redirect URL on the developers console or after login is completed?
  • nikhilbansal
    even i am getting this error message. redirect URL is not accepting http:// . Can you please check this?
  • sujith
    Following is the policy for redirect URL,
    The url to which a user will be redirected after the login flow for Kite Connect. This has to be an HTTPS url. You can use a URL for testing. For Publisher, the redirect url does not matter until you want to do advanced offsite basket execution.
    The form won't accept http:// URL unless it is localhost.
  • nikhilbansal
    Hi Sujith, I understand your point and have seen this on the portal but the point that it was working earlier and recently/suddenly stopped working. is there any way such changes at the API levels are highlighted to us in advance to avoid any last minute issues?
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