Quit all the orders at once


I am willing to buy the kite connect API before that I had one question:

Can I quit all the orders at once if the target profit or loss is hit?

Let me elaborate, if in intraday I buy stocks of 4 different scripts (say: VEDL, LT, SBIN, SRF). I want to quit all the positions at once when summation of all the stocks is my target or stoploss which will be a predefined value. Eg: If I take the positions around 10 am and at 11.30 am I am in overall Rs. 1000 profit then exactly at that time when overall profit touches the predefined mark in this case of Rs. 1000 all the positions should be exited.

Is this possible with Kite connect.

Thanks in advance.
  • Imran
    hii @nagarerahul
    buying multiple stocks, and exit on predefined profit/loss is possible using kiteconnect.
  • rakeshr
    Yes, it's possible.All positions details including P&L can be fetched from position APIs, and then you can loop through all position individually and do the summation of all P&L's.
    Same process can be followed for exiting as position as well.
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