Need a remote server?

Hi all,
I’m planning to use C# client api. Still I’m not clear from the existing questions and answers. hence created a new discussion. Do we really need a remote server to execute orders? From what I understand from the documentation we need a remote server for processing PostCallback. In one of the post someone mentioned we don’t need one if we are using WebSockets. Please clarify do we need a remote server or not.

I didn’t pay for API yet hence not able to test by myself. I don’t own a remote server hence hesitant to subscribe yet.

All helps are highly appreciated.

Thanks in advance
  • sujith
    sujith edited September 2018
    It is up to your use-case if your algorithm doesn't have to run all the time then you can run it from your local machine. Ideally, once you log in and get access token you can make API calls. Kite Connect is basically a set of REST-like APIs which does the job for you.
    You need a server to receive postbacks so that KiteTrade can make a request but if you wish to run on the local machine then you can receive order updates via websockets.
  • Imran
    Remote server is not required.
    Have a look here
  • Imran
    Introduction video by zerodha
    It will solve most of the basic queries
  • sillyatom
    Thanks Sujith and Imran for the reply.
    Sujith can you please explain with an example, what you mean by Algo running all the time? Anyway it has to run to keep track of LTP to make trade decisions.
    Apologies if I misunderstood something.
  • sujith
    If your process has to monitor live prices then it has to run during the market hours which means your system needs to be switched on during market hours, if you can achieve this on your local machine then it is fine.
    But you will have to take care of power cuts or any other kind of interruptions. If you host your process on the cloud you don't have to worry about it.
  • sillyatom
    Thanks Sujith that makes sense.
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