advanced offsite basket execution

Hi There,

Why we need to provide the `Redirect URL` while configuring the publisher app? I see it's not an optional parameter, so what if I don't care / bother user being redirected back to my page?

Also what is meant by `advanced offsite basket execution`? What can we achieve/check using the received `request` token after publisher login flow?

Please help me out in understanding these aspects!

Thanks in advance
  • raula_kite127
    It can be possible to see the documentation.
  • sujith
    sujith edited October 2018
    Hi @amamarde,
    A redirect URL is an endpoint to which user will be redirected after placing the order. You can give your website home also if it is of no use for you.

    You can check out documenation to know more about offsite order execution.

    The request token is like a one time token required to generate session for a Kite Connect app. Some users have Kite Connect app and use Kite Publisher features, they can use this request token to generate the session.
    If you have only Kite Publisher app then it won't be of any use for you.
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