Want to link trading view chart to Zerodha for Auto buy/sell

Hi Team, I have a proprietary strategy coded in pine script language and back tested in trading view platform.However, the strategy generates buy and sell levels accordingly for nifty futures. I shall want the same to be linked and automated with zerodha kite/pi so that whenever a buy/sell signal is generated in Trading view chart platform i want the trade to be executed in zerodha. Please let me know how can i achieve this.
  • sujith
    Hi @manzoor1990,
    Kite Connect APIs are REST-like APIs which can be called from anywhere once you receive a trigger for buy and sell you can just call a placeOrder API. You can check out documentation here.
  • shortwire
    @manzoor1990 you need to use the kite APIs to write code to execute the auto buy/sell. Pinescript cannot be ported to any of official language libraries supporting Kite connect. So whichever langugae you chose to code using kite APIs, you need to first translate the strategy in pinescript to that language. Then use the API end points to fire buy/sell based on the strategy signals. If you need professional help to code, let me know, I can code in .Net
  • suraj3003
    Dear @shortwire @manzoor1990

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