Delivarable quantity in historic data

I have subscribed for the historical data. But I'm not able to get the delivery information of EOD.
Can you please guide me on how to retrieve that?
  • sujith
    We only provide historical candle data. We don't provide EOD report.
    For more information about the historical data, you can check out the documentation.
  • arshedg
    @sujith Is there a way to get EOD? Is it there on your roadmap?
  • sujith
    Kite Connect is purely an execution platform. We don't provide fundamental data. You can check out this data on NSE website.
  • arshedg
    The delivery percentage is not part of fundamental data. But i understand that you don't provide EOD and it's my mistake to subscribe without reading the documentation fully.
    Scrapping from NSE is not a viable option. Its over head.
    Thank you
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