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I want help in if function for time

for eg. D1 Current time which is 8:15:00
and E1 Fixed time i.e 09:15:30.. Now i use =IF(D1<E1,TRUE,FALSE), it give FALSE .. Failed to understand...

Build the formulas,but i want fire only after 09:15:00, bu is it not working.. Pleasse Helpp
  • HowUTrade

    This is because, when you enter fixed time like '09:15:30' in a cell, it translates to 00-Jan-1990 09:15:30 and the system time translates to 13-Oct-2018 08:15:00.

    You can clearly see, D1 is greater than E1 i.e. D1 is earlier date.
    So we need to match dates in both.
    To do that;
    simple put this in D1 (Current time)

    Now D1 will translate to 00-Jan-1990 08:15:00
    Both D1 & E1 dates are same, your formula =IF(D1 will work now.
  • HAs
    thanks bro
  • Parva
    @HowUTrade Can you please let me know about where can I find documentation about KiteXL (regarding it's capabilities and how to use it)? The link to your website on kite forums is not working.
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