Tick open and high or low value both same

Hi Team,
I subscribed tick.
I observed that tick.getopenPrice() and tick.gethHighprice() is same from so many days.and tick.getLowPrice() and tick.getOpenPrice() are same .

Below is oct 15 data.
High APOLLOTYRE open 219.7 high 219.7 low 212.9 ltp 215.3
High TATAMTRDVR open 101.9 high 101.9 low 99.75 ltp 100.7
Low TECHM open 693.5 high 709.4 low 693.5 ltp 697.25
  • sujith
    sujith edited October 2018
    Can you elaborate on the issue?
    Is this historical data or quote AI or websockets? Is it consistent or random issue? Steps to reproduce.
  • billapavi
    websockets and its consistent
    I subscribed to lupin stock.
    i captured open high low and close data in my DB when i see stored values .i can see either open value is same as high or open value is same as low

    new Thread(new Runnable() {
    public void run() {
    for (Iterator iterator = ticks.iterator(); iterator.hasNext();) {
    Tick tick = (Tick) iterator.next();
    database.getCollection(Long.toString(tick.getInstrumentToken())).insertOne(new Document("ltp",tick.getLastTradedPrice())
    .append("open", tick.getOpenPrice())
    .append("high", tick.getHighPrice())
    .append("low", tick.getLowPrice())
    .append("close", tick.getClosePrice())
    .append("buyvolume", tick.getTotalBuyQuantity())
    .append("sellvolume", tick.getTotalSellQuantity())
    .append("lasttradedtime", tick.getLastTradedTime())

  • sujith
    We just stream whatever we get from the exchange. We don't cache or modify data.
  • sujith
    For LUPIN, today's open and low are same.
  • billapavi
    i'm getting this for other stocks as well.
    how come you guys are plotting charts then.
    how you get open price.
  • sujith
    It is possible right. Modifying that at our end would be wrong.
    You can take a look at our chart candle. The central black axis line won't be visible.
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