Limit Orders not getting executing..

Hi i am trading in Options, in Option it compulsory to place limit order for buy and sell.

But some time it is not getting executed due to high volatility, please suggest something that 100% executed..

can it be placed in bid price or ask price?
  • HowUTrade

    Basically, LimitPrice is forced to limit users risk.
    If you want your order to be executed like MKT, then place your limit order with haircut.
    But be ready to accept any risk.

    For options, you can use 5 - 10% as haircut and for others you can use 0.5 - 2% depend on your max risk you willing to take.

    Say ltp is 256.
    For Buy, LimitPrice = 256 + (256 * 0.05) = 268.8 'A 5% higher price than ltp
    For Sell, LimitPrice = 256 - (256 * 0.05) = 243.2 'A 5% lower price than ltp
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