LIST of REJECTED messages


Today I got two REJECTED updates as below:

RMS:Blocked for nse_cm ....
syom:trigger price hit the upper freeze

Could you share other messages comes with REJECTED update? This would help me to handle it code so that I can retry the order if required.

  • Matti
    Matti edited October 2018
    Most common rejection reasons are explained here.
  • krtrader
    could you please explain below message?
    RMS:Blocked for nse_cm DHFL-EQ BO block type: NON-SQROFF

    got the message on OCT 09 2018, 09:30:03
  • Matti
    nse_cm stands for NSE cash market. BO is the product type. So BO was blocked for this scrip for the day. On 9th October, DHFL was quite volatile, so this would have been an ad-hoc block by our Risk Management team.
  • krtrader
    I could have place CO in this case right?
  • krtrader
    krtrader edited October 2018
    Actually I want to understand difference between below two messages:
    1. RMS:Blocked for nse_cm DHFL-EQ BO block type: NON-SQROFF
    2. RMS:Blocked for nse_cm RCOM-EQ BO Remarks: Please select CO product instead of BO block type: ALL
    What I could understand is, BO is blocked for above scripts. but for message#1, is it possible to place CO?
  • Matti
    Since #1 doesn't say that CO is allowed, there is no way to say. You'll have to check. There are 100s of rejection messages. Some of them are one-off, that are seen in circumstances that are out of the ordinary. You would have to read the message and figure out what the rejection is. The link I've given above covers the most occurring rejections, however, I don't think you'd be able to generalise these.
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