getTriggerRange() api should consider NSE price band as well


When you call getTriggerRange() it gives lower and upper trigger range of stock based on co_upper%.

The problem here is, it doesn't consider NSE lower and upper price band while calculation range.
Let's say
Ltp: 100
co_upper: 10%
NSE upper price band: 105

here, getTriggerRange() would give range as upper = 110 and lower = 90 But this hasn't considered NSE upper price band which is 105.
Practically upper limit is 105 only. Even if I use trigger at 110, it would be rejected as "syom:trigger price hit the upper freeze"

So, getTriggerRange() should give values as upper = 105 and lower =90.
Can we have such functionality?

  • sujith
    We don't have price band data as of now. We will try to incorporate this in the future.
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