Repeated order, bridge class

I am using placeBObridge to place orders , good thing is it won't allow repeat order of same symbol but now that all my positions are closed and needs to put fresh orders with same symbols , there is an error , respected order....

I guess I need to use one of reset methods to call placeBObridge whenever my net qty is zero i.e old positions are closed , so which reset method to use in this case?


I had already requested to explain how reset methods work bridge class.

And here I am , reached a deadlock that I can't trade until I get solution to above problem.

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  • HowUTrade

    Yes, you need to call ResetBOSignal..
    But make sure, you are calling only once after exiting the BO order.

    Instead of reset, you can also just assign another StgyCode.
    StgyCode : A1
    Called PlaceBOBridge(...BUY...A1)
    Called ExitBOBridge(...)
    Now If you try to place another BUY, it will throw error as repeat order(bcoz after BUY, there should be a SELL, but since BO/CO needs to be exited as stoploss order is already placed by OMS)
    Instead of reset, assign another StgyCode
    StgyCode : A2
    Called PlaceBOBridge(...BUY...A2)
    Called ExitBOBridge(...)
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