Exit all BO of particular Symbol at once

Is it possible to exit all BO of one pertucular symbol at once through any method or some other UDF in ktexl?
  • HowUTrade

    We have included a UDF to exit BO/CO/Regular Order (All at once) etc in the sample workbook.
    You can just modify the UDF according to your needs.
    You can download the sample workbook from
  • madhukar
    Ohh! Yes! Will post here if I could do this , don't close this thread till then, pls @HowUTrade
  • madhukar
    @HowUTrade using "ExitBObyCTag" will this UDF work?
  • HowUTrade

    Check KiteXL module.
    Sub ExitBOPositions

    We hooked this sub to a button in dashboard sheet.
  • madhukar
    Exiting all BO at once is not much of use I guess!
  • HowUTrade
    why..? Any Issues..?
  • madhukar
    @HowUTrade no issues !
    Thing is I didn't really needed to exit all BO in different strategies at once as of yet !

    But I guess I have found it that trailing mtm directly is possible irrespective of number of orders of a pertucular symbol so may be in future I will require this function !

    Also if market suddenly reverses it's trend then exiting all BO of pertucular symbol is going to be useful!

    So take this as my Feature request for kiteXL and you guys come up with a method or UDF to do it !

    So will wait for it, rather than working myself on it????
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