request token expire time.

how we store request token in php & when request token will expired ?
  • Imran
    Hii @navkar
    Request token expires in couple of minutes
    You need to store access token instead
  • navkar
    can u send me php code for request token? how we can save can u give direction also php code.
  • navkar
    sir i am not satisfy from ur answer what is the meaning of couple of minutes. u develop entire zerodha api codes and u dont know the timing of expiry. please tell me expect timing . how we can work on api. if we generate request token ones how long it works.
  • navkar
    request token time is valid for how many minutes. first u study your api where it is mentioned.
  • sujith
    sujith edited November 26
    You can check out this thread to know more.

    Please do note that this is a community driven forum and not support portal. We request not to make passive aggressive comments here.
    All the basic queries are already answered multiple times on this forum. You can just search or go through FAQ thread.
    Please spend a moment reading API documentation here.
  • navkar
    @ sujith
    its not working
    how the request code redirect to our url
    we can not login directly by api, we have to login again and again by id.
    please send me proper code for request code redirect to my url .
    thanks and regards
  • sujith
    Did you check out the webinar that was mentioned in the documentation?
  • sujith
    sujith edited November 27
    You need to copy the request token manually after successful login and then use that to generate a session.
  • sujith
    Once you get an access token you need to store it in the database and re-use it in the subsequent runs.
  • navkar
    @ sujith
    when i use ones its expire so every time i open my id and store in database, then re-use then why i go through api i can go manuualy. there is no any procedure to redirect automatic request token.
  • navkar
    its redirect to kite url how can it redirect to my url. please suggest me that only.
  • Imran
    to get the request token in your url.
    put your url address in redirect url in the app settings

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  • Shaha
    @navkar Can you spend some time reading the documentation, instead of spamming the forum. Had set this post in watchlist, but now putting off from watchlist. Thanks to your constant posts.

    PS: How to use redirect url is mentioned in docs and zerodha videos.
  • ravidparikh92
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    @sujith Can a support portal be created? Because, if you don't then there will always be such issues of repetition and redundancy... Just check out every tech forum online... People will have genuine questions and it is unfair to shoot them down .. after all, people are paying a fee to use the API...I think there is a solution to make everyone's life (including yours) a lot easy... I have described my proposal to this problem in a direct message to you an email to Zerodha support team.....I think Zerodha as a company has got the concept of this forum wrong.. instead of having this community-driven forum, there should be a dedicated support forum.. Just my 2 cents... rest is up to the company
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