Zerodha has no consistent policy of blocking stocks for trading.

Every day zerodha blocks of stocks as per volatality which is understood however when the stocks are no longer volatile it is never removed...
Broker like ICICI allows more than 700 stocks to trade on in an intraday.. where as just 450-470 stocks are there on zerodha.. now they have been blocking it for last 6 months but never again unblocked them.. leaving only 412 stocks to be traded on. Of which many of them again are blocked and also not in the list. So actual tradeble stocks is aprox 340-350.

I had never seen any broker which are so bad at their basics. Zerodha has almost all features which a trader would want, specially intraday trader with apis backtesting etc. but its like only a demo version. You can only try it but really cant use it. Its like you are allowed to build your castles in the air.

Coz unless you get stocks to trade on (special Intraday) what is the use of all the tools is all what I can trade on is 340-350 stocks of which 2/3rd(300 stocks) of them of them wont even move 2 percent either ways.

Zerodha is more like those sarkari babu companies who has good infrastructure but would never listen what the customer wants even how basic and easy it is. People have been complaining about the same for last whole 1 year. But of no use.

Dont even understand what is the problem with bracket order to restrict so many stocks. Atleast should have seperate policy for bracket order stocks. But I know zerodha it is, its worst than government bureaucracy which will never change, atleast till I am alive.
  • sujith
    Hi @raminde,
    We have asked RMS to take a look at this and come up with a feasible solution to make the banned instruments public. We will update this thread with their response shortly.
  • themohammedfaisal
    Hi @raminde,
    We have a policy for blocking and unblocking of scrips for BO/CO/MIS. We conduct a monthly review of all scrips that were blocked for additional leverage due to volatility. If the volatility has subsided, we unblock it.
    We use a combination of daily volume traded, monthly volatility and quarter sigma to arrive at the list of stocks for leveraged intraday trading and the applicable leverage for the scrips.
    We currently allow 550 scrips under MIS/BO/CO for Equity. MIS leverage ranging between 3X and 14X. BO/CO leverages vary based on the stop loss you chose to enter.
    We have added 150 more scrips after this month's review.
    You can calculate the margin required for BO/CO/MIS on the margin calculator and for changes in the scrips allowed will be updated in this sheet.
  • raminde
    What happened today again.... ?????????????????????????? zerodha really psyches???????????? me out.. from 550 stocks to trade for on friday today we have only 421 stocks??? what happened to 120 stocks???? all being volatile??? it really frustrating... absolutely no clear policy... do you even bother your decisions now affects so many users... are you serious with your business?????? I believe zerodha should only restrict themselves to be a local broker should not work at national level.

    ITs like some aly malya company... or like some chinese products... "Chal gaya to chand tak nahin to sham tak" there is no gurantee what would zerodha come up with... no consistency.
  • themohammedfaisal
    @raminde There has been no sudden change in the list of stocks for intraday trading(MIS/CO/BO). The list for MIS stocks has 557 stocks as mentioned in our MIS calculator. Can you explain how you arrived at 421 stocks?
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