requsest token php code.

can u send me php code for request token? how we can save can u give direction also php code.
  • sujith
    Hi @navkar,
    We don't provide coding solutions. You can check out php documentation here and login flow here.
  • pratyushbgr
    Is it possible to read high and low of candles using this API, I mean can I know the Ticker High value and Low value in a time frame from 11:45 to 11:59
  • Imran
    hii @pratyushbgr
    You can retrieve tick data from zerodha and then you can process it at your own end to find high low of any timeframe.
    Kite Connect is purely an execution platform. You will have to write strategies at your end and place order using any of the Kite Connect client libraries
  • pratyushbgr
    Hi Imran. Thanks for responding back. Now I have created an app and by that apikey only I can use some buttons. But to access Zerodha API for data, I am not getting a way. What are the steps to get tick data from Zerodha? Do I need to buy credits? How and where to start, assume that I am using simple java script or PHP. Appreciate your quick response, I have something in mind that will really help many of us, but I need to at least start and see what is there and how we can take maximum benefit.
  • Imran
    to get tick data from zerodha you need to subscribe to kiteconnect. yeah you will need to buy credits for that.
  • pratyushbgr
    Before I start spending on this, is there any sandbox environment? Also could you please help me to understand is it monthly or based on hits or how it is ? Again is there a good documentation you know on how to use tick data step by step ?
  • Imran
    zerodha don't have any sandbox env for now but they are planning to release one.
    kiteconnect subscription is monthly based.
    Documentation :
    sample kiteconnect usage (python) :
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