Ticker limit in kitexl

@HowUTrade why do u advice not use more than 500 tickets in kitexl? What happens if number is exceeded?
  • HowUTrade

    #1 KiteNet RTD client-server is using Udp to send/receive data.
    Udp can receive only certain number of packets in a second and it depends on the user physical hardware/infra. We found that the ideal capacity of Udp is 5000 pps.
    If you send more packets than the receiving capacity, the extra packets will be lost.
    So you may not get data for some symbols. The 500 logic is on the assumption that the user uses 10 field (Ltp, Bid, Ask etc) for each symbol, that amounts to 500 *10 = 5000

    #2 Excel is mostly single threaded, means even if you have high end computer, you can't increase the performance of excel. In excel, each cell is calculated from left to right until last cell for sheet 0 to sheet n. If you have formulas in large number of cells than, it will take more time to complete a single cycle of calculation. People mostly use excel for offline analysis, when you use excel for real time data, things will drastically differ.
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