How to get Filled price in Paper mode

I am testing quite a few strategies in paper mode not able replicate exactly how BO works in real world.

If I could get filled price of placeregularorderbridge when order is placed as market order?

Also what about kitexl example strategies that you guys are working on?Any timeline?
  • HowUTrade

    Right now, with Paper mode you will just get the Profit/Loss simulation.
    So, GetOrder* functions will work only with real order id's.

    Next week we will release,
    1. Excel ORB
    2. AmiBroker MA Crossover
  • madhukar
    madhukar edited November 2018
    @HowUTrade what is this ExcelORB?

    BTW I could do workaround by using mtm , max and min functions to exactly replicate BO except for slippage that occurs with real world market orders!
  • HowUTrade
    Yes, only slippage is unaccountable.
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