Symbols Not Getting Downloaded

Hi All,

I Am Facing Issue of All Symbols Not Getting Downloaded..

1. I Had Entered Only 300 Symbols to Market Watch List
2. I Had Entered Correct Symbol Name
3. Attached Screen Shot of Same for Ref

  • HowUTrade

    Can you post the screenshot of right side of market watch sheet.
    There is a column in the right side where quotes are subscribed.
    Need to check whether it throwing any error.
  • Sudheer

    It is Showing Maximum Ticker Limit Exceeded.. But in Market Watch I Have Only 300 Symbols.. How to Resolve This

  • HowUTrade
    HowUTrade edited November 2018

    Little History:

    When we add a symbol to Market Watch sheet, the formula in Column 'AH' calls the SubscribeQuotes function of KiteNet and the symbol is added to the 'TickerListKiteNet.txt' file which is located in the app directory (in case of Excel, it is 'My Documents').
    Once a symbol is added to 'TickerListKiteNet.txt' file, user is no need to call SubscribeQuotes function for that symbol, as quotes will be automatically subscribed for all symbols which are present in the 'TickerListKiteNet.txt' file post login.

    What happens when we delete a unwanted symbol from the sheet?
    Logically, we should call UnSubscribeQuotes function, but the catch is once a symbol/value is deleted from a cell, we don't have any reference what was the deleted symbol/value, so we can't call UnSubscribeQuotes automatically.

    So, if you delete a symbol from the sheet, it still presents in the 'TickerListKiteNet.txt' file.
    You can check the 'TickerListKiteNet.txt' file in My Documents, it should have symbols greater than 500.

    What is the solution?
    You need to call UnSubscribeQuotes whenever you delete a symbol
    1. Delete unwanted symbol and add required symbol in market watch sheet.
    2. save and close excel
    3. Delete 'TickerListKiteNet.txt' file in My Documents
    4. Open excel and do login, wait for symbol download to finish
    5. Press CTRL + ALT + SHIFT + F9 to calculate all formula
    6. Now you are subscribed quotes only for the symbol available in the market watch

    Note, this cleanup is one time procedure, do it again only when required.

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