HowUTrade website bridge doc correction?

Few days back while calling
Public Function GetMtmBridge (
Exch As String,
TrdSym As String,
StgyCode As String,
Source As String,
IsLive As Boolean
) As Double

I was getting error

When i looked into template worksheet of kitexl I found there is one more required parameter for this method i.e. with parameter should be LTP

But didn't poste the query then but I guess it's correction in this method!

  • HowUTrade

    We added a extra parameter in the Excel UDF which wraps the GetMtmBridge funtion, to make it auto update in excel cell.(Dynamic dummy parameter, which will force excel to re-calculate the formula whenever Ltp changes)
  • madhukar
    madhukar edited November 2018
    Okey! So this method wont work without this dummy parameter in excel but should work in other applications?

    Also is this possible to replicate this same method for getATP UDF? As follows by modifying getATP UDF

    Public function getATP(etc..., ByVal Dynamic value As Double) As Varient

    GetATP=kite.getAtp(etc...,here LTP as double e.g. for acc 1450)


    End function

    Etc is what is already there in UDF , ignore typos!


    Is this one of the efficient ways to reduce RTD load to get many values?

    Will there be any throttle limit issues if some of static UDFs are converted to dynamic? Again to reduce GETRTD load?
  • HowUTrade

    Yes, you can convert any existing UDF to dynamic by adding additional parameters.
    But make sure that, the additional parameters is dynamic and updates automatically without any intervention. In other words, you should have at-least one cell with RTD function for very liquid stocks/index and refer this cell for dynamic parameter. We use NIFTY future with Volume Field, as it updates virtually every second. Ideally, there should not be any performance impact.

    Pls note we are not modifying the original DLL functions. Original functions will accepts only the permitted parameters.

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