GetSymbol method error

GetSymbol for nfo and cds is throwing value error while it works fine for nse and mcx?

Also what is correct syntax for getting second or other Dom market depths?

GETRTD (exchange,symbol,bidqty1) is throwing 0

Is it correct syntax?

Of course testing in off market hours!
"" Used wherever required!
  • HowUTrade

    The GetSymbol returns very large string, so excel may throw error.
    There is no practical use for this function in Excel.
    Just ignore this function.

    DOM returns 0, may be due to off-market hours.
    Try during live market hours, and make sure you enabled DOM in settings.
    The Syntax is correct.

    Topics for DOM
    BIDPRICE1 and so on up-to 5

    ASKPRICE1 and so on up-to 5
  • madhukar
    madhukar edited December 2018
    @getsymbol has got use....I want download list ofcontracts of NFO fut in excel directly then split it , so may be syntax must be different for different fut expiry dates also different syntax for options?

    And large string argument might not be viable here, I suppose, please make it work somehow!

    Get symbols(NSE) is also quite large string but it works!

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