ORDER update by Websockets

If a Limit Order is placed in KiteXL. and the Limit price is not reached, then the order will remain open, so the order status will show "Open" in Excel cell. Now once the price comes to the Limit level and order is executed, does the cell (containing mentioning order status as "Open") change automatically to "Complete" or do we have keep calling some function at some time interval to get the correct status of order from "Open" to "Complete".
  • shara
    I mean is there a need to call GetOrderStatus ("order Id") or the status get changed automatically from "Open" to "Complete".
  • shara
    shara edited December 2018
    Kindly advise.
  • HowUTrade
    It will not change automatically.
    GetOrderStatus ("order Id") is a function (Not RTD), so you (Excel) have to call this function whenever you need value.

    To make auto update:
    You can make this function volatile or add a dummy dynamic parameter.
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