ORDER update through GetOrderStatus


If the status of "Open" limit order is called by GetOrderStatus, and this order is partially filled, what status will be returned?
  • shara
    shara edited December 2018
    Is there any other way to return the status of "Open" Limit Order, at each stage of order lifecycle including partially fillings. Does Webhooks/Postbacks solve this "partial" order filling?

    I read somewhere on this forum about getting Order Status on websockets. Is GetOrderStatus same as getting the status through websockets?
  • HowUTrade

    For partially filled order, GetOrderStatus will return "UPDATE" as status.
    GetOrderStatus returns data from web-socket only.

    You can also compare
    GetOrderQty and GetOrderFilledQty

    GetOrderQty : Total quantity you placed
    GetOrderFilledQty : Quantities filled out of total quatity.

    For a fully completed order:
    GetOrderQty = GetOrderFilledQty

    For partially filled and open order:
    GetOrderQty > GetOrderFilledQty > 0
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