Websocket Postback Ordering and Status List

Hi all,

I places a limit order, which I modified to increase the price, and then cancelled without any execution.

Looking at KiteConnect.order_history() I get all the order statuses such as 'PUT ORDER REQ RECEIVED' -> 'VALIDATION PENDING' -> 'OPEN PENDING' -> 'OPEN' -> 'MODIFY VALIDATION PENDING' -> 'MODIFY PENDING' -> 'MODIFIED' -> 'OPEN' ->'CANCEL PENDING' -> 'CANCELLED' -> 'CANCELLED'

However, for the same order, the websocket postbacks are limited to 'OPEN' -> 'UPDATE' -> 'OPEN' -> 'CANCELLED' -> 'CANCELLED'

Is there a way to receive all statuses on the websocket postbacks?
Secondly, why do we receive two 'CANCELLED' messages?
and lastly, what does partial fill come as? Does it go from 'OPEN' -> 'UPDATE' -> 'OPEN' or is it 'OPEN' -> 'OPEN' or 'OPEN' -> 'UPDATE' ?

Thank you,

  • sujith
    sujith edited December 2018
    Hi Abhishek,
    We don't send postbacks for every order status change. The OPEN PENDING, MODIFY VALIDATION PENDING are only intermediate status which represents the state of an order in our system.

    We only send postbacks for the statuses which matters for a user, like when an order is modified or there is partial fill or order is executed.

    For a canceled order, we receive two postbacks from OMS and hence we send postbacks twice. We have asked them to take a look at this.

    For a partial fill, there will be an order postback with status UPDATE and filled quantity field will have updated value.
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