Reset BO signals in kitexl bridge class

Does exiting a BO from Excel or Exit by OMS itself because of target or SL hit, resets itself?

That is , if earlier it was Sell BO, now exited , can I put again sell BO of same symbol without manually resetting BO signals for that symbol and strategy code?
  • HowUTrade

    You have to explicitly call ResetBOSignals before firing same signal.
    Since the exit orders are handled by OMS, KiteNet can't monitor and reset automatically.

    But we are testing reset of signals with ExitBOBridge
    We are adding a additional parameter 'EntrySignalType' to ExitBOBridge

    It will wok as follows
    ExitBOBridge(....."SHORT") 'This will be equivalent to firing COVER (opposite) order
    Now you can again Place a SHORT order without reset.
  • madhukar
    Okey that's good!
    I thought we do get order update on exiting BO so that should reset BO signals.

    In above method the problem would be that when order is exited by OMS , BO signals won't be reset!

    Am I right?

  • HowUTrade

    It's technically difficult to implement.
    Since the stop orders are placed by OMS, KiteNet don't have any reference to hook it.

    You may have multiple BO in a symbol
    Each BO may have Multiple child orders
    Each child orders may complete at different time, so there is no clear indication of when BO exited.
    So user have to indicate KiteNet that the I'm closing the existing open position by placing SELL or COVER order in case of RegularOrder and ExitBOBridge/ExitCOBridge incase of BO/CO order.

    For simplicity:
    1. When you get BUY or SHORT Signal in your system, placeBOBridge
    2. When you get SELL or COVER signal (TgtHit,SLHit, SqOffTime or whatever), just call ExitBOBridge, this will ensure that BO exited even it is open in OMS.
  • madhukar
    Got your point!
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