Cloud based trading

how to run excel trading strategy in cloud?
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    Watch this video for basic understanding on cloud servers
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    madhukar edited December 2018
    Okey! Got it! In this video AWS is used, what I have learned in past few days is that excel has best performance with 4gb RAM, 8 core processors for hyperthreading,64bit windows environment.

    This set of feature may cost a lot on AWS or any other cloud services!

    Any cheaper options?
  • HowUTrade
    HowUTrade edited December 2018

    You can reduce your cost (AWS) by running the server during market hours only. i.e 0700AM to 0500PM (10hours daily and full shutdown on market holidays) This way it will cost $79 + GST for 4Core + 8Gb RAM.

    Otherwise you can go for monthly plan provided by other cloud providers.
    Here, the price is fixed, so you can run your server 24x7 (Recommended to shutdown for at-least 30mins everyday morning for OS to refresh).
    But none of them have data center in mumbai, the nearest are Bangalore and Singapore( But that won't make much difference)

    For 8GB RAM & 4Core - $40 - $40

    P.S. AWS, Azure & Google offers only hourly plans, no monthly plans.
  • madhukar
    Using Google cloud , trial period to test! Windows server2016 vm , again excel 365 trial version? @HowUTrade

    Running Ubuntu or non windows VM is quite cheap on Google cloud , so can I install windows VM on Ubuntu and then run excel over it?

    On using PlayInLinux compatibility software to run excel on Ubuntu?
  • madhukar
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    Google cloud
    Windows server 2012 4vCPU 15GB Mumbai
    My custum kiteXL
    Microsoft RDP
    Up and running within 15min
    Ping time 200ms...I mean latency time
    Great experience with feel of operating my laptop itself !

    Only concern is cost of running as my kitexl strategies are not generating any profits as of yet and Also I am yet to develop Swing trading strategy, strategy for currency and commodity trading.

    @HowUTrade I think cloud is way forward but only after one has developed reliable tested trading strategies!
  • madhukar
    @HowUTrade looking forward to kitexl alternative for Linux based OS or OpenOffice/libre office compatibility!

    By the way how many of people using kite API are using cloud computing? Just for GK!
  • HowUTrade

    Our 50+ clients are using cloud server only and don't know what other users are using.

    Server is not required during development of system, once you developed a full trading system without any error, then you should run it in cloud server only.

    KiteNet (KiteXL) will work only in MS Excel and Windows OS.

    You can use Office 365 trial version in Google Windows server.
    We are using MS office 2007 only, bcoz the later versions are bulky and the added features have no use in our real-time trading systems.

    Most of the Low-cost cloud providers offer Linux OS only as there are no license cost and windows OS is officially not supported by them. But you can install windows OS as most of them support uploading custom ISO/Rescue Mode. We will post some videos on how to do that.

  • madhukar
    Ok thanks!
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