Last order id and order status

Last order is not returned if order placed through kite?

Does the getlastorderid updates in real time ? Or one has to call it after placing order?

Same for rtd net qty...does it take into account orders placed through kite? Updates in real time or not?

Same for order status...does it update in real time?
I manually cancelled open orders calling cancelBOmain , still order status was showing 'open' for for quite some time,though orders were cancelled when checked into kite , I repeatedly called UDF cacleBOmain , still stutus was showing open , after one minute or so status appeared as cancelled.

Can we make getlastorderid volatile so that we get order id immediately after placing order?

P.s this market session was on Google cloud, windows server2016,office365.

  • HowUTrade

    GetOrderStatus is a function, so you (Excel) have to call this function whenever you need latest data. To auto-update like RTD, make this UDF volatile or add dynamic dummy parameter.

    Hope you already know this, so there exists only two reasons

    1. Your dynamic parameter might have updated after one min, so the function is called after 1min
    2. Kite server sent delayed Order updates

    For No2, you can check the Json folder, where all the order updates received from kite are written to text file sequentially.

    We slightly felt some sluggishness today in Kite API, not sure it's us or everyone.
    More time is taken to place a single order.

    GetOrderStatus & RTD NetQty, will work even you place/modify/cancel orders from Kite Web and updates in real-time.

    GetLastOrderId will return the id of last order placed through KiteNet in that particular Laptop/Server. You can make any UDF volatile to auto-update if it is necessary.
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