Diwali greetings!

We respect your privacy.
We don't store any hidden code or track you what you are doing.
But it will take time to trust someone..

We will write a detailed article on this, which not only take your fear and also will increase confidence on us.


Is there any update about this?
  • HowUTrade

    We totally forgot this, I'm writing a short version here.

    Data involved with KiteNet:
    *On successful login, client id will be checked in our data base for custom algo and enables/disables algo accordingly. (Automatic)
    *If email alerts is enabled, then orders and positions details are emailed through our email server. (user Settings)
    *Error reporting. All errors thrown are logged-in our server. (Automatic).

    KiteNet uses HTTP protocol to send/receive data from howutrade.in
    First point is mandatory as KiteNet includes custom algo of our clients and for general statistics.

    Once you successfully logged-in and symbol download is finished in KiteNet, you can edit the windows host file and point howutrade.in and www.howutrade.in to After this no application can access howutrade.in from your computer.

    Before next login, just delete/comment (# before the line) whatever the entry made in host file and post login again do as above. It will be a 1min extra task, but will ensure that nothing is transferred from your computer to howutrade.in and vice versa post login i.e. your order details and position details etc.

    You can find the host file here

    *First change the file permission of hosts file
    *Second open hosts file with note pad
    *Third add below entry and save howutrade.in www.howutrade.in

    You can use the Glasswire software to check what application connected to what servers and how much data is transferred. This software will exactly tell you all details related to network. You can use this software to counter check.
  • HowUTrade
    HowUTrade edited December 2018
    Of-course, you will get Greetings for next Diwali also, as this general notices are retrieved during login. This feature enables us to communicate not only greetings, but also updates and other important things. Only few people regularly checks forum, so if there is update announcement, most people not aware.
  • madhukar
    *On successful login, client id will be checked in our data base for custom algo and enables/disables algo accordingly. (Automatic)...here u mean kitexl VBA/.net library will work only post log in? After activation?

    Also what I understand is order update first comes to local host i.e kitexl then it goes to your server and then you send email, is that right?

    And if I comment out localhost ips in host file ,order updates are still generated locally in kitexl?

    Thanks for clarification!
  • HowUTrade

    Yes, KiteNet will work only after successful validation of client id.

    Order Updates:
    (Part-1) You (KiteNet/KiteXL) will receive order updates directly from Kite server, then if email or SMS alert is enabled, (Part-2) KiteNet/KiteXL will send order details to our server, our server will process the order details and send it to your email id.

    If you blocked howutrade.in (host file), then Part-2 only fail.
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