Problem with kite.ohlc api call

The kite.ohlc api call is returing a response with "u'" appended.

Sample output
{u'NSE:AXISBANK': {u'last_price': 608.55, u'instrument_token': 1510401, u'ohlc': {u'high': 612.2, u'close': 615, u'open': 611, u'low': 608}}}

It was working fine yesterday.
  • rakeshr
    The u' prefix just means it's a Unicode string, in Python 2.X version. So, if you alias your local python environment to 3.X version, you won't get u' prefix.
  • allang
    allang edited December 2018
    @rakeshr Thanks for the quick response. I have checked it and have realized that the prefix is displayed only in the output. It doesn't affect my code. Thanks for pointing it out.
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