Exception "Invalid expiry time"

I am extracting weekly BankNifty Option historical data of expiry "03JAN19" , but I am getting the exception saying "Invalid expiry time : 2019-01-03". Please provide me the solution regarding this issue.
  • rakeshr
    This issue is only for weekly Banknifty contract. We are already looking to this. Will update here, once rectified.
  • krishnakant
    krishnakant edited January 3
    @rakeshr I am facing the same issue. This issue has been particularly arising since the naming convention of trading symbols of weekly BANKNIFTY options changed. Before it used to be BANKNIFTY03JAN27500CE, and now it is BANKNIFTY03JAN1927500CE (the year 19 was absent).
  • rakeshr
    @krishnakant @hardik__
    This issue is rectified.You can get historical data for weekly 2019 Banknifty contract.
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