Is it possible to code indicators like MACD, RSI, etc. in KiteXL?

I want to develop a system in KiteXL for strategy involving various technical indicators like MACD, RSI, OBV, etc. Is it possible to do it in Excel at first place? I guess using Historical data, we can create candlesticks and then perform indicator logic on those candles. Experts please provide some light on this. I would start to work on it only if it is possible in excel.
  • HowUTrade

    Is it possible?

    But it may (will) not work efficiently. Because,
    1. Excel is single threaded.
    2. Frequent reading/writing values from/to excel cell will drastically affect performance.
    3. Tracking multiple symbols will reduce overall efficiency.
    4. It will take lot of time (may be few months to years) to code indicators and database management in VBA.
    5. Back-filling data holes from Historical data will be tough task etc..

    When it comes to trading one should always consider efficiency and reliability first then anything else. Excel is good for, single price trading system like
    Simple breakout systems (like ORB), Option chains and Option strategies, scanners and ranking based systems and executing multiple leg orders etc.

    For time-series data based systems use AmiBroker etc. You can easily connect AmiBroker or any windows COM supported applications with KiteNet.
  • suraj3003
    We can create a platform for you which functions as per your selected strategy & instructions kindly contact : [email protected]
  • chiragkeswani
    Thanks @HowUTrade. Will it be possible to achieve it in python? Amibroker doesn't fulfill my requirement as I want multiple charts deployed at the same time.
  • Avnesh
    Is it possible to use do generate RSI Indicators ....
    by calculating all data within VBA and putting present RSI value against symbol in real time..
    All data to be use from GetHisdata function...
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