Missing NSE trading symbol in instrument data compared to the company codes from NSE daily bhav copy

Hi Team,

Below attachment ( 01JAN2019 bhav txt file ) is the daily feeds downloaded from nse website and it comprises of the company code which matches with the trading symbol of the instruments csv data pulled from the kite /instrument/NSE api.
But when compared there are many company codes for which the instrument id is missing and when investgated, some suffixes are added to these codes, and those suffixes are not preent in the NSE bhav data.

For example,

code present in the NSE bhav file | code present in kite /instrument/NSE api call

Are these codes the same , as only the suffix appended is different ?
  • sujith
    Kite Connect only publishes the instruments that are tradable for the day. All the equities are by default of EQ category. When exchange finds there seems like speculation or more liquidity than expected on an instrument, they move instruments from EQ to Trade to trade segments.
    You can read more about this here.
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