Request failed (kitefront-connect)

  • CE5156
    Request failed (kitefront-connect)
  • ZCtrader
    I am also getting below errors repeatedly, tried everthing its one hour now since I am struggling with this
    1) Request failed (kitetrade-xmlapi).
    2) Request failed (kitefront-connect)

    Tried with mobile and different laptops
  • raju
    raju edited January 2019
    Request failed (kitefront-connect)
  • avinash_kr
    I am also facing the same issue :( How to trade :(
  • sujith
    There is some issue at our OMS vendor. They are looking into the issue.
    For more information check out our Bulltetin
  • sujith
    This is fixed. You should be able to log in now.
  • krtrader
    @sujith I logged in at 8.35 today so my algo worked without any issue and all the orders were going through.

    Just want to understand how kite login works. Does it have dependency on OMS vendor? I don't think it should have.

    Just asking because u have mentioned here that - there was some issue at your vendor oms side. Is it related to what happened today?
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