Modify BO Stoploss orders


I want to modify BO sl orders.
I found order id, parent order id and exchange order id in order book. Which order id should I use with "ModifyBOSl(OrderId, TrgPrice)" function. I tried with all the three order numbers but got errors like "Order is not a BO Stoploss order", "OrderId is not found". Please reply.
  • HowUTrade

    You should pass the order id of the stoploss.

    For the error, this may be due to the one of the reasons mentioned below;

    1. You are passing Invalid order id (Error: OrderId is not found)
    2. You are passing Wrong order id (Error: Order is not a BO Stoploss order. Like Id of BO main order, or BO target order or other product)
    3. Your Stop-loss order is triggered. (Error: Order is not a BO Stoploss order. Once a stoploss order is triggered, it is converted to LIMIT order. Since this function expects the order type to be 'SL', but it is now LIMIT hence throws error. If this is the case, you can safely assume that the BO is closed and ignore error)
    4. Order update is not received from Kite Server (Error: OrderId is not found)
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