duplicate dates for day interval in historical candles

Any explanation to understand 2 dates for day interval historical candles request
For example "ITC" in nse gives:
close date high low open volume
600.85 1998-08-04 610.0 596.05 598.0 4149300
620.00 1998-08-04 620.0 620.00 620.0 12
request for above:curl "https://api.kite.trade/instruments/historical/424961/day?from=1998-08-03&to=1998-08-05" -H "X-Kite-Version: 3" -H "Authorization: token api:token"
Similarly for "infy" for date 1997-04-09.

Is it valid data ?
  • rakeshr
    Yes, there is duplicate day candle data for 1998-08-04.We have informed data team,they are looking to it.
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