Message for Nithin Kamath - Kite needs enhancement

nksp edited January 2019 in Mobile and Desktop apps
I am not sure if Nithin Kamath would see this message or has time to go through the message in the forum. I am very fond of Zerodha Kite, Kite is light and fast but needs more enhancements to help short term and swing traders. I do 99% of transactions using kite and not on web console. Below can be some of the features that will increase number of trades for me and I hope it would be same with other traders as well.

- Allow to add all the nifty 50 and nifty 100 stocks in one go in the watch list
- Increase the watchwindow limit upto 100 (current limit is 50 per sheet/1...5)
- show other stats like Gapup%, % recovery from day's low, volume, volume % in the watch window and provide an option for users to select. Incase a visual cue can be include in the watch window for golden crossovers or crossovers for 14 /50, that would be an awesome feature, as a trader I would know what is potential candidate for trading for the day or coming days and can quickly go to that chart for confirmation. Decisions making can be done in less than 5 to 10 seconds.
- Provide option in Kite to sort on Price, Price increase%, Gapup%, volume% based on the column included in the view
- In holdings, show the total cost including brokerage along with average buying price, this helps traders to decide whether they need to exit or the day or not. This feature is not available in any of the trading console like HDFC, ShareKhan etc., but this would be helpful feature. It becomes time consuming for trader to calculate break even every now and then

Honestly, I don't know how difficult or easy it is to develop this features, but for sure, Kite users will find it very very useful

Expecting honest answer from Kite development team and Nithin bhai.
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