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Today even simple order placement like one below are getting rejected with status message : 'RMS:Blocked for EQ nse_cm BO block type: ALL',.

I tried a few other instruments (like RELIANCE) and different combinations of stoploss etc. I also tried CNC instead of MIS. But all my orders are getting rejected. I have sufficient funds in my account.

yesterday I did many tests and everything was working fine. What is wrong?

order_id = kite.place_order(variety = kite.VARIETY_BO, exchange = 'NSE', tradingsymbol = 'ONGC',
price = 142, quantity = 1, stoploss=4, squareoff=5,
transaction_type = kite.TRANSACTION_TYPE_BUY, order_type= kite.ORDER_TYPE_LIMIT, product = kite.PRODUCT_MIS)

here are the details of rejected order:

{'average_price': 0,
'cancelled_quantity': 0,
'disclosed_quantity': 0,
'exchange': 'NSE',
'exchange_order_id': None,
'exchange_timestamp': None,
'exchange_update_timestamp': None,
'filled_quantity': 0,
'guid': '3EYgrIhI9BAzM6s4',
'instrument_token': 633601,
'market_protection': 0,
'order_id': '190201000648092',
'order_timestamp': datetime.datetime(2019, 2, 1, 10, 6, 27),
'order_type': 'LIMIT',
'parent_order_id': None,
'pending_quantity': 0,
'placed_by': *****
'price': 142,
'product': 'BO',
'quantity': 1,
'status': 'REJECTED',
'status_message': 'RMS:Blocked for EQ nse_cm BO block type: ALL',
'tag': None,
'tradingsymbol': 'ONGC',
'transaction_type': 'BUY',
'trigger_price': 0,
'validity': 'DAY',
'variety': 'bo'}
  • amit123
    amit123 edited February 1
    update: even orders placed from kite.zerodha.com are getting rejected. So its not a problem with my code, but something to do with my account.

  • sujith
    RMS has blocked bracket and cover orders for the day and there has been a change in the margin policy.
    You can know more here.
  • amit123
    why disable the BO and CO order completely? Just disable the margin benefit.
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