New updates to kitexl dll

@HowUTrade any new updates to kitexl/dll since I last logged in on this forum?
  • madhukar
    @HowUTrade Notification appears every time I open kitexl file to update or not update links. How to disable this notification?
  • HowUTrade
    @madhukar ,
    We haven't released any new updates.

    Regarding the 'Version Update message', this popup will come only when new updates are available and will go off once, you update the DLL. Ideally it should not popup now as no updates are there.

    Can you try re-installing the DLL?
    Download from here.
    For post-installation error if any, refer this page.
  • madhukar
    Solved ! It was actually excel settings set to automatically update links in excel sheet on opening!

    PVR19FEBFUT is not valid symbol ...Google cloud

    Aloe as I erlier asked get rtd for indexes is not working on cloud though it works on my laptop!

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