Historic API - OHLC getting changed randomly


Trying to fetch historic data for EQUITY SAIL (NSE) using api historical_data api function with 15min interval.

Here noticed that, OHLC data getting different each run for 08.02.2019 with in 10 secs. Not sure which data is correct.

PFA screenshots.

Kindly let me know what's the issue.

below code has been used:

list_data = kite.historical_data(instrument_token=instrument_token, from_date=fromDate, to_date=toDate, interval=interval, continuous=False)
data = pd.DataFrame(list_data)
data = data.set_index(['date'])

  • rakeshr
    We rechecked Historical data multiple times for SAIL(758529) for 15 minute period,every time got same value as below:
    2019-02-08 09:15:00+05:30,49.65,49.65,48.55,49.15,4598324
    Can you recheck now?
  • ranjithptb
    Now i am getting constant output for all execution.

    However, is there any way to ensure the return values are correct ?
  • rakeshr
    No, we don't have a secondary data source to compare the same. Above data discrepancy occurs very rarely.
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