Error - Getting Uncaught DataException Frequently

epraveen92 edited February 2019 in PHP client
@sujith @Kailash

Hi Sujith & Kailash,
I'm using Kite API to get historical data and placing order. When I send an request to get frequently I'm getting Uncaught DataException error.

Why this error come and How to avoid this.

  • sujith
    Hi @epraveen92,
    You need to handle the exception and retry. It is not really meant for polling.

    The historical data API is provided for backtesting purpose only. You can generate candles at your end using the live market data provided via websockets for liver strategies.
    You can check out this thread to get started.
  • epraveen92
    Could you please tell me why this error happen?
    This error is coming from historical data API or Order API ?

    Please reply both
  • sujith
    It could be because of many reasons may be a network issue at client end or server end or request might have timed out before the read operation on the database is completed.
  • sujith
    Or network drop at ISP
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