Historical data for MCX futures contracts

Currently we can download the historical data for only the current contracts. Would you be adding historical(minute) data for contracts which are over 1-5 year old?
  • Kailash
    We have data for about 1+ years (expired contracts) but we don't have a way to expose the data in a continuous manner. This is something the data team is working on.
  • abhishek01
    Ok, and I guess the minute level data is now available only from July for equities for example ALKEM . Any plan to back populate the same?
  • Vivek
    @abhishek01 Yeah we don't have data before that time period for F&O contracts. We will get in touch with our data team.
  • abhishek01
    @vivek what about cash segment?
  • RR2999
    Any update on MCX historical data for 1+ yrs ? Is there any way to download individual expired contracts apart from current contract?
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