PROBLEM - Creating scanner for Nifty50, Nifty200 or any script


I created a simple strategy say MA Crossover which is calculating from the historical data of previous few days(like 1-3 days of 1 minute time frame). When I increase days to 10 or 30 or more days to fetch more data, the response is very delay and it takes upto 3-5 seconds for one script.

If this happen, then How can I scan Nifty50 or Nifty100 or Nifty200 or any other selected scripts.

For example,
If we scan 10 scripts, then 10 * 3 sec each = 30 seconds to get the response (or)
if even consider it for 1 sec also total response will be 10 seconds for 10 scripts.

Then How can I run for 200 scripts that will appx take 3.3 minutes to get the response.

Is there any possibility to fetch n number of historical data in one request (or) web socket for getting historical and doing calculation

I'm get confused and give me solution.
  • sujith
    sujith edited February 2019
    Hi @epraveen92,
    We don't have a bulk fetch API for historical data. You can fetch data and dump it at your end and then use that as a source for your calculation.
    For live candles data, I would suggest generating candles at your end using live market data provided on websocket API.
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